Somehow this morning, sharing a smoothie recipe seems wrong somehow.
Maybe it is because I was up a good part of the night praying and thinking about the folks down in Moore OK and the other towns that were badly hit by that enormous tornado yesterday.
Maybe it was because I kept walking into my children’s rooms, listening to them breathe while tears ran down my face for the many parents who were waiting to hear about their children states away.
Maybe it was because I sat and prayed through coverage last night of the people who survived but couldnt find relatives that they loved.
But today is not a day to share a recipe about a smoothie that we love.
It is a day to mourn with those who are mourning, to rejoice when even one is pulled alive from the rubble. It is a day to spend prayerfully thinking and lifting up the many who find themselves homeless, and displaced, and alone.
 because she captured perfectly how I am feeling.
Hold your family close.
If you are in OK, know we are praying for you.
We are financially supporting whatever ministries we can get on the phone for you.
Blessings to you and yours,