How can I ever thank you?
I mean, really??
Your response to my new book yesterday just brought me straight to my knees, thanking God that I am blessed to be able to do this. Able to blog while my twins are throwing the ball across my lap, or in front of my view…
Thankful I can share with you just a little bit of the things I have learned and am learning.
Thank you for sharing this journey with me.
I have a few more exciting things to share with you today
before I get to the recipe.
I know you understand, and are cheering for me. Thanks for hanging in there, and being excited alongside of me. It just seems like things happen so fast sometimes, and since I owe it all to you, really, and the Lord, I want to share them with you.
I was approached by the Grain Mill Wagon to see if I would consider posting recipes on my blog each month, using my fantastic WonderMill, and they would continue to have a working relationship with me for as long as I want. That really blessed my heart, because I love to cook and bake, and I love this new mill that they blessed me with, and now I am being offered to still work with them. I could not have done that without you, and I want to thank you for all the hard work you have done with sharing, etc. Those recipes were fun to come up with, and still taste delicious each time we make them.
 I hope you find that to be true too.
Pumpkin Whoopie Pies with Nutmeg Cream Cheese filling
I was also approached by an amazing team of women, both of whom are moms and home-school mothers, who have approached me for time talking about their business. And I am so totally on board with what they do, that it truly is a pleasure, because it means there will be a giveaway, just for you, my readers! You will be hearing more about that next week as we talk about  making our lives more sustainable and having less reliance on running to the grocery store every time
we “think” we need something.
Awesome product, great giveaway in store,
and an incredible deal in the works.
I mean, how much fun is that?
So lets talk about today
 and what I have for you.
We talk about frugal, and we talk about tasty ALL THE TIME.
And this recipe combines both of them.
Do you like Chicken Pot Pie?
How about Simple Pie Crust with Oregano and Basil?
And how about putting them all together in one amazing, creamy package?
Yep, that is what I have for you today.
Feast your eyes on this:
october2012 276
I had to take the picture while it was hot, because as soon as it was edible without taking skin off, it was gone. So understand that is why that picture looks the way it does. 🙂
I have been adding herbs to my pie crust and other things for well over two years. Not only does it make it taste that much better, I have also been doing a lot of study on the properties of herbs and their healing. Oregano and Basil are two very tasty powerhouses, and really boost your body’s response to flu and other viruses, as well as helping your body digest things easier.
So really, adding those two things to your pie crust is a win/win situation.
Add into the middle a creamy, rich sauce flavored with thyme and garlic, chock full of veggies and home canned chicken, and you have one of the best, and easiest meals you can put on your table.
You can modify this recipe to fit a 9X13 pan if you have a large family and a single pie pan just doesnt do it. You can also change up the ingredients to reflect something your family likes more—the sauce stays creamy, and the pot pie will be a favorite. Best of all, these freeze amazingly well, so if you want to make up a couple at a time and stick them in the freezer for later, they stay good for a couple months when properly covered.
I have been experimenting with canning up chicken pot pie filling with moderate success. This makes this meal even quicker, if you add in the onion and make the sauce from the chicken broth in the jar.
(Just trying to give you even more ideas to think outside of the box.)
I hope you enjoy it as much as my family.
I wanted you to know that starting tomorrow we will be covering a single herb and its healing properties three Wednesdays out of the month, as well as ways to use it in a herbal medicine kit. I feel very strongly that with times the way they are, that we should not only prepare ourselves, but encourage others to learn as much as they can now. Better to be safe than sorry, and honestly, there are few things as satisfying as having a cupboard full of herbs that you have grown, harvested, and dried with your own two hands. That is “keeping it local” to the best of your ability. 🙂
Enjoy the recipe and any feedback or comments are, as always, appreciated.
Many blessings to you and yours,
Creamy Chicken Pot Pie in a Basil/Oregano Crust
2 1/2 cups whole wheat flour
2 tsp sea salt
1 cup shortening or lard
1/4-1/2 cup cold water
1 tsp crushed basil leaves
1 tsp crushed oregano leaves
In a stand mixer, or by hand, blend all ingredients but the water until mixture resembles large, coarse crumbs. Slowly add in water while mixing until dough clings together and becomes a ball. At this point, set the pie crust aside, and cover with a wet towel (I cover the bowl of my machine). Get filling made so it can cool a little before putting into pie crust.
In a large pan, place the following:
1/4 cup coconut oil,
1 onion, diced
1 tsp garlic salt
1 tsp black pepper
Let these things simmer and steam until the onion is translucent. Then add the following to the pan:
1/4 cup well-milled whole wheat flour or AP flour
Stir this around until it all mixes together and becomes bubbly and begins to cook.
With a whisk, stir while adding in:
2 cups chicken broth
1 tsp dried thyme leaves
1 Tbs dry milk powder or 2 Tbs fresh milk
 Cook until nice and thick, stirring.
In a separate bowl, combine
2 cups chopped or shredded chicken (1 pint jar of homecanned chicken)
1 cup fresh or frozen peas
1 cup frozen or dried carrot cubes
1 cup chopped zucchini or yellow squash
Once these are well combined, add the sauce, and stir all up until well mixed.
For the 9X13 pan just double all the ingredients for filling. 🙂
Roll out pie dough, and line your pie pan.
Alternatively if you are doing a 9X13, just grease your pan.
Pour in filling.
Top with top crust.
Make sure to cut slits for the steam to escape.
That way you dont have a huge black cloud escaping your oven and setting your fire alarms off.
Not like I would know from experience or anything.
This bakes for one hour at 350*, and you most certainly need to let this sit for ten minutes if you want anyone to be able to taste anything for a month afterwards.
Or if you want to get pictures. 🙂
Enjoy and Bon Appetit…..
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