Its that time of year again, isnt it? Time that the garden starts reproducing, time that the farmer’s markets with all their awesome temptations and great deal start cropping up. Time where we know summer is in full bounty and we want to put it away for those long, cold winter months ahead.

And then there is the state of things all around us.

Groceries are going up. Pennies are getting pinched just a little bit tighter. We hear about things every day that make things just a touch more uncertain and make us long for the stability that having a food pantry can bring.

All lovely sounds to this lady’s ear, because I thrive with helping other people get going on starting a pantry, learning to be more self-sufficient, and canning lots and lots of items to save up for those months ahead. 😀

I am glad you are here with me this morning, because if you want to learn HOW to can, or are just looking for some great, tried-and-true recipes, then this post is for you.

Three years of love and laughter have gone into building this blog, and I am thrilled to have you join me as we walk down memory lane and pull up some fun posts covering the basics of canning for newbies and big jobs for the pros who have been faithful readers. I pray that not only does today’s post fill your pantry, but remind you of one of the core things at the heart of the Welcoming House Blog—being prepared to take care of your family and save money doing it!

May your garden thrive, and your pantry grow!

Blessings to you and yours

~Heather <3

Lets get started canning:



Strawberry jam

strawberry jam

Making Grape Juice the Easy Way

Peach Pie Filling

Peach Pie FIlling


Any Type of Meat–a Miniseries

canning meat

Summer Squash medley!

Sauerkraut Anyone?


Canning Pumpkin….

HOmemade Spaghetti Sauce Recipe!

Spaghetti Sauce recipe

And there are SO MANY MORE if you just put “canning recipes” or “canning” into the search function on the top right hand side of any page you open from this list. When I did it, I found 24 pages full of CANNED goodness, many that were not even linked on here today. 😀

Definitely worth your time to check out…and dont forget the first installment of my EBook that I wrote this Spring that is titled Passionate About Preserving! Filled with tons of wonderful WaterBath recipes straight from my own recipe box, this fun book is chock full of easy and delicious recipes that will fill up a pantry fast. Check it out by clicking right here!

passionate about Preserving