I am choosing this week, to think of things as the “cup half full” instead of being stressed out by a lot of crazy circumstances that have happened around here.
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It is so easy, when things go wrong, to focus only on those things and forget the flip side of the coin, which is that those things actually could be setting the stage for the good things that are just around the corner.
It has kinda been a busy week around here.
We are well into our second week of school, and as always, trying to get things working smoothly seems to just take a while. Add in two crazy toddlers, one of whom thinks she is a cow, and the other who thinks the funniest thing in the world is to sneak up behind someone studying and yell,


All of that, and you know you are going to have your hands full
getting a solid, steady school schedule going this year. *sigh*
After all, there is only so much Winnie the Pooh (in movie form) that even I can take
before 10 am.
I really tried hard this year to build up my piano business from home, and after the last two weeks, I have found that suddenly, I am losing families, and the economy and a few other circumstances are really to blame. I am just shrugging my shoulders and moving forward.
After all, teaching a child to play the piano is a luxury, and not a necessity.
So I will thankful for the few years I had certain ones, and pray they can some day come back.


But I have found instead, that I am somewhat relieved that my schedule is lessening, and I can just focus on a few other things that have needed my attention, such as finishing up the Ebooks for here before Christmas, and taking care of projects around the house that have needed time out of my busy schedule to be accomplished.
The Handy Hubby has been ticking right along, finishing up his projects one at a time. Thanks to his efforts, we are now the proud owners of a mostly-finished, beautiful, century old wood floor in the bathroom upstairs. Here is a picture of it still in progress. Love the many colors in the wood…
Also, we have been working on getting all that wood cut to the right size, nails pulled out, and stacked ready to go. Now that here the weather is getting a little cooler, while I am sad to see summer slowly slip out the door, I am glad to begin thinking about Chai tea, and warm socks, fun boots, and knitting without sweating out every drop of liquid in my body. We planned on a “make it” Christmas this year, for both sides of the family, and I am really having a blast getting everyone’s gifts made and set aside.
The first E-book is almost finished, and now I am just in the formatting and compiling stage. I am thankful for the teenagers in my life who can hover and help someone who has seen the internet go from dialing and connecting to being speed-as-light fast and totally incomprehensible in so many ways.
And isnt that funny?
Hope you have a wonderful day!
Many Blessings to you and yours,