Hi Everyone, and welcome back!
I have been busy finishing up loose ends on the Ebook, checking to see how many votes we have for the Grain Mill Wagon Challenge (have you voted yet? Click here!),
and doing a lot of other fall-ish things.
I wanted to quickly send you a post celebrating October here on the prairies of Minnesota, and show you some of the beauty that surrounds us day by day over here.
I hope you love fall as much as I do!
a strong wind means leaves coming down in basketfulls……so beautiful to walk through…
the stalks of corn are waiting for the combine…
the brilliant yellow behind the pale cornstalks…
october2012 005
so many choices for colors………..
waiting to greet the first visitor……..
a job well done………combine and trailer in the field…
hidden beauty wherever you look……..
a lovely fall walk with two crazy “teens”….
even deep in the swamp the brush colors itself in honor of Fall…
an idyllic scene…cant you see this one as a painting?
grass taller than me by a foot or more, swaying in the wind, as if to words unspoken…
a barbed wire fence, adorned with the glory of October….
My town from a different viewpoint……..
so many beautiful colors everywhere you look……
these hay bales wait in the field for the farmer to pick them up…
a wide view of the rolling prairies and the cows grazing among the corn stubble….
how many legs does the white cow have?
once you get a little closer, those hay bales are kinda big……
one of my favorite roads…to one of my favorite places…eight years and still beautiful to me…
just as if someone draped it there……Autumn in all its splendor…
Everywhere, all around us, these carpet the sky and whisper to one another…..
October’s Opal by Robert Savino
October is here, once again,
barely transcending the threshold of autumn.
The maple is turning yellow to orange, to red,
soon to be bared by winter.

Ah winter, when blankets of bliss
cover spoon-fit bodies,
flickering sparks to flames. . .
until love of spring gardens
becomes the rapture of summer bloom.

And looking from outside-in,
beyond recognizable beauty,
the ruby of jewels glows bright,
pumping currents of rivers red,
deep into the wells of every extremity.
Our chest fills with laughter.

When apart, even so brief,
this season stays with you,
whether I am or not
and your voice with me,
through wind’s immutable breath.

Many Blessing to you and yours,