I have literally known for almost 24 hours that I needed to write this blog post.
I just rock at procrastination.
Of course, in reality, I am also struggling with finally starting to feel halfway normal, dealing with kids just healthy enough to be hitting the terrible two stage today, lots of dishes, laundry and basic cleaning to be catching up on….and feeling like I barely can pull it off.
Lucky they are so cute, right?
So know I have not forgotten you.
Realize I am watching the developments in Washington just like everyone else, but with my own unique take on all of them.
Reading your emails and looking into the things you are asking about.
But for today’s thoughtful Thursday post, I just want to be as real with you as I can and say,
“You know what, today isnt a great day for sitting down and having a cup of coffee with me.”
You see, I am dragging from the sink, to the chair.
Sit ten minutes.
Dragging from the chair to the washer or dryer.
Fold clothes or switch loads.
Dragging from the washer or the dryer to the kitchen to get my kids some water.
Then right back to the chair.
Really, its movement, and its progress,
 so I feel like I accomplished something, right?
And while sitting down, I have managed to make a list of the garden things we need to work on a little more this year, what changes we need to make in our canning regimen/ preserving regimen, etc.
Only one way to eat an elephant……
and that is one bite at a time.
Those days you need to sit and work with your body and its healing are important days too, and we have to take into consideration when we are working on a lifestyle like this, 
is that these days will absolutely come.
 So be prepared by having easy to fix meals, a back up heating plan if you have a time and energy intensive Plan A (like our wood heating furnace), and do the best you can with what you have. Sitting down has given me time to start working again on the book that you all have been emailing me about–the herbal medicine one I hopefully, fingers crossed, will be able to offer you by the end of the month if all works out. 🙂
So, in the spirit of honesty and transparency,
sometimes being sick just really sucks.
It may mean you don’t accomplish what you had planned, but just like everything else, if you look around and see what you CAN do with what you have been handed for the day,
it changes everything for the good.
Just a little silver lining on a yucky cloud. 🙂
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See ya tomorrow.
Many blessings to you and yours,