I am excited that we have received so much awesome feedback from so many of you about participating in this challenge for the first two weeks of August. I wanted to give you some ideas, and some encouragement in doing it, because I know for some of you it is going to be really challenging since you are just starting out.

Today I have 5 FABULOUS resources for you to give you ideas for meals and stocking up: one that was brought to my attention by a reader who has done an awesome job, and a couple more that are websites I had used a lot.

Lets talk about the rules for the challenge too. Yes, you can use your garden and freezer, because both of those are central components of food storage. What I want to NOT see happening is people running to the grocery store or purchasing ANYTHING, not even a coffee or a candy bar, during the time of the challenge. I want you to see how far you can go, how creative you can be, and what gaps you have for the times in case you needed it.

We had a friend in the area of NH whose town was hit by the tornado late last week. She was excited about the challenge, but her challenge came early as they had no power, and no water to deal with in a flash. Thank goodness their house was ok, and there was only limited sustained damage, but wow.

She did not have any time to be plan ahead…….she just had to BE prepared.

Those things happen, they have happened in the past, and they will most certainly happen in the future. If you know me at all you know we do not practice eating out of our pantry for “doomsday” stuff, but because it is frugal, empowering, and gives you a much larger safety structure for your family in event of a disaster that may not directly affect your home, but affects all public resources you enjoy.

SO I hope that you are looking forward to this! I will be sharing our daily meal plans a couple days at a time so you can see what it takes for us to live completely grocery store free, and show you what gaps we end up having too…last time it was NO COFFEE and my husband had a rough time of it for two weeks, LOL.

See ya tomorrow, bright and early!
Blessings to you and yours,

Resources for meal planning (first one doesn’t count):
OBVIOUSLY the meal section of the blog! *wink*

(1) Making DO without missing a Thing

(2) SafelyGatheredIn Blog

(3) FoodStorageMadeEasy.net

(4) everydayfoodstorage.net

and an excellent website from a Welcoming House reader:

(5) The Long Term Food Storage Site