What would a countdown of the Top Five posts be like here on The Welcoming House if I did not feature some of the amazing recipes that we have covered here in the last year?
As a stay at home/Work at home Mom, I absolutely love finding delicious, frugal recipes that I can bless my family with. I have shared so many of them over the last year, that I had to go into my stats and find the top five that way since if I had my way, we would be talking about anything with chocolate and coffee involved. 🙂
I find that simplifying prep time by making Master Mixes is SO much easier, and such a more efficient use of my time here at home, as I am busy homeschooling, teaching piano student, blogging here, and watching over my Welcoming House FaceBook Page and my other pages I am an admin on. Add in all the fun and crazy stuff we do around here, and I am one busy lady, loving life, and loving my family.
For all of those who are new to the blog and to the site, a couple months ago I published my first book, The Master Mix Way, in which I shared almost 50 recipes using Master mixes and how to make them work for you to spend less time in the kitchen, and less money at the Grocery store.
As things continue to go up in price, I find they are even more important, and I would encourage you to check out the book by clicking here. If you use the code Delicious2012 you will be able to purchase the book at 35% off through the end of the year, before I publish my newest one in January!
There is also a new giveaway starting over on the FB Page this afternoon, as I want to usher in our second year as a blog with 1000 members over on the page that supports this blog. Have you been over there and entered? Hope you do! Someone is going to get one of my books for free just for entering and sharing!
SO let’s talk about the top five recipes I shared here on
The Welcoming House …
2012 Top Recipe Number Five:
Straight out of the Making Do Without Missing A Thing Series, comes one of the most popular recipes I have posted in the last year—my Master Cookie Mix. This is a staple in our kitchen, and can make just about any recipe you can come up with for cookies. The only cookies we do NOT use it for are sugar cookies, and shortbread, but everything else fits right in. This recipe, along with about four more variations than are listed here, are included in my Master Mix Way book, and if you click this link, there are more suggestions in the comments. My VERY favorite ones are the gingersnap cookies, rich and full of sweet spiciness, but the chocolate chip ones are amazing too!
 Check out this post from January!
2012 Top Recipe Number Four:
Like I said, finding the top recipes was difficult at best, but it goes without saying that my mother’s Farmer Bread recipe was one for the memory books, with over 4,000 hits since its posting earlier this year. This is the recipe for homemade bread that I make twice a week, on Tuesdays and Saturdays, and which provides us with bread, rolls, sweet rolls, and sometimes even pizza crusts depending on if I am in the mood to make it other than on Saturday. For me, it is the taste and smell of childhood, as this was the bread my mother made every holiday as far back as I can remember. I hope you enjoy it as much as our family does each week:
2012 Top Recipe Number Three:
Always looking and creating new Master Mixes to streamline my time is a passion and hobby of mine here at the Real Welcoming House. I was thrilled with a great result after tinkering with my favorite quick bread recipe a couple times, and finding I could create one that had endless possibilities. This recipe was carefully crafted, and then placed in my E-book for my readers. I have gotten more mail and fantastic feedback from this recipe that I could ever have imagined, and I am glad to share it again with you here as this fantastic year draws to a close! So far my favorite combination includes chocolate, Craisins, and coconut—-see what combinations you can come up in using it, and post  back here!
2012 Top Recipe Number Two:
 What would a countdown at the end of the year be without mentioning one of the most fabulous and fun bake-offs I have ever been a part of? I was blessed to be approached and able to participate in a challenge earlier this year that put over 20 blogs to the test in creating new and fun recipes made with whole grains. I was also blessed to be given a brand new Wonder Mill by the same company to participate with, and it changed my approach to baking in a wonderful and fun way! We entered five recipes, and my GingerBread Sweet Rolls had over 5,000 readers, got pinned all over Pinterest, and got rave review from everyone who tried them (including my kiddos). Every Tuesday is Tasty Tuesday around here, when we are not in the middle of some series, and I love sharing recipes I have made with my WonderMill with  my readers. I hope you enjoy this one, and be sure to search under the “Grain Mill Wagon Challenge” to read the other four amazing recipes we entered into the contest! Next year, we WILL win–we were super super close this year, which is fantastic for our first year out of the chute!
 2012 Top Recipe Number ONE:
 But the very BEST recipe that was shared, that went viral, that got picked time and time again for being featured on other blogs,
 was my post on how to make your own coffee creamers.
This post received more than2,000 hits in a single day when it was picked up and featured by one of my very favorite blogs, Homestead Survival. I also find it is one of the recipes that I get a lot of mail about as it is listed in my book, with ten variations on how to use to it make you own creamers at home and ditch those expensive bottles we drop a ton of money on as a nation! So click away, and read our top recipe of the year at the link below!
So, just a word to the wise, but if you want to find 45 more recipes with amazing results and recipes that you can share, make for your own kitchen, or use to make frugal and delicious gifts for family and friends, just click on this link and use the Code Delicious2012 for 35% off your purchase of my E-book, The Master Mix Way.
And join us back here Monday for our quick countdown and FINAL recap of our first year here at The Welcoming House!
Many Blessings to you and yours,