Good morning, everyone! I know that it is Sunday morning, and I should be in church. I am very much missing it this morning, as I do not trust my balance enough to negotiate the snowy and slippery stairs outside my home, so instead I am doing church at home with my family, listening to sermons online from our church, and reading up on the latest Christian news. My dear friend, Diana, had linked an article on Facebook that not only intrigued me, but also made me astonished at the comments.
Knowing my readership has changed a lot in the last few months, especially over on Facebook with a great influx from other pages, perhaps not with the same worldview, this post may come as a shock.
Many of you do not know that on my personal wall on Facebook I choose to post many relevant news stories because that area contains my closest friends, people I have met, care deeply about, pray for, and hope are awake and watching. Many of them have approached me in the last few months and thanked me for doing that because they had, previous to this, been pretty much in the same rut as many Americans, soaking in the news stories on the MSM (main stream media) and ignorant of the many things that are happening behind the scenes.
Perhaps many of you do not know, or are simply not aware, that I am a dedicated Christian who filters all things through a Biblical worldview. I would hope that you know. I would hope that you have read many of my other posts like this one, under the Whispered Word, or Strengthening Word, links up on the space bar.
But as I have already stated, many of you are new, and have not been following me for a long time.
I am greatly concerned with the lack of common knowledge in our country about issues that concern us all. I feel often that part of what makes beautiful as a country is our amazing diversity, and our ability to work through issues with the American dedication to independence and spirit of rising above adversity, or a common enemy. However, it almost seems like we are more divided than we have been in my memory. Everyone is against one another. There is no Common enemy, unless it is within ourselves. We are against one another for our wealth, or our poverty, our race or our lack there-of. We have truly divided ourselves into small camps, which makes us weaker and far more vulnerable.
I do not wish to cause more division, but simply to inform, through my worldview, things that are happening all around us that have already been predicted in the Bible. Things that we will see as common and everyday, but really are not. Consider them the warnings, some given thousands of years in advance, of the times that would come, and the common enemy that all man, every single one of us, would face in those times.
Being informed is being prepared. And when we come to that time (which I already truly believe we are in due to the prophetic books of the Bible and seeing things all around us that were spoken of as “birth pains”) then I want you to know that there will come a day when EVERYONE will no longer have the luxury of ignoring the choice that they have before them.
And that is what I want to talk with you about today.
This is not a pitch for Christianity, and I want you to know that. You, dear readers, are adults (most of you) and the thing I pray that comes of this is simply this: that you will begin to question, dig deeper, ask yourself those questions that many of us avoid simply because we are afraid to confront the answers.
I have been there.
And my questions have been answered.
And they have been answered by the God of the Bible, who, I believe, does not want blind followers of a religion, but instead wants people who are passionate about a relationship with Him, and who are willing to ask the questions, dig deeper.
That is the kind of person I am.
So, today I want to talk about the article that my friend linked.
This post, and most likely the future posts I will be doing on Sundays from now on, are going to be addressing some of those things I find interesting that are happening during the week.
 Revelation 13:16-18
New International Version (NIV)
16 It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, 17 so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name.
18 This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.
[a] That number is 666.
Please read this article to understand the rest of the post:
This claim that the microchip implant that will be available and placed in all Americans, large and small, has been one of the most gripping, passionate, and divisive discussions that I have ever been a part of. I find it amazing that not only did the people we voted into office pass a bill that they did not read that affected ALL Americans in such a way, but that people who have never taken time to read the bill get so worked up about something not being in there that really is.
I am not saying on page 1000 (it is actually closer to page 1003) that the microchip wording is not in there, but instead that the ground work is absolutely laid for it. And any thinking person who is quick to question such a far reaching bill, that was not read by the legislators who passed it, is going to ask what the ramifications and possibilities are of such a passage.
I find it very interesting that the wording is so vague in the original bill, and that they were quick on the national news media to reassure us, parade in front of us, experts who were telling us it was meant for pacemakers and other things like titanium plates. However, those things were not listed, just a general descriptions, with no addendums to check and give us more information. RFID chipping has become commonplace in some countries, such as Spain, where all their diplomats are chipped for security reasons.
We already have children in Texas who are wearing ID cards around their neck that have RFID chips in them, to tell the staff where that child is at all times. We have RFID chips in our packaging, to tell the manufactures what items are purchased the most, and who buys them. Know all those little “reward cards” that are offered, for free, that give you points or discounts back with every purchase? What do you think they are doing? Like “cookies” on your computer, put there by places that want to see what you are interested in so that they can market the products to you that you will most likely purchase (think Google ads??), those cards are common place throughout our country, and most major retailers offer them now.
Granted, it is a big leap from chips in products to chips in people.
Or I used to think so.
Now I think we really are on the brink of it.
Many years ago, a brilliant man named Larry Burkett, a Christian financial advisor and prophecy student, made the claim we would go from cash to check, check to card, card to cards with chips, then into implantations. He has been right on track so far, and frankly, as a thinking person, I don’t see how people can’t see how it will continue to progress to that point. His thoughts on our debt, and increasing choice in society to rely on debt, with its certain end, on this came out when I was between 16 and 18 years old, and at that time, I worked for an active and vibrant Christian radio station. He was laughed out of every Christian TV station, at the time,  called a fear-monger, and worse. So what did he do? He turned around and wrote a fictional series showing how it would work, the implications on the American society, and published it.
It was one of the last things he did, as he died shortly after.
Even as a young person, his reasoning has stuck with me for years. He was a financial man with a rare grasp on how our economy, and the common person works. In his books, he fictionally predicted the financial collapse of our society, the fighting of the different ages of people for jobs, the immense distress that it brought upon our nation, and how quickly a cashless system could be implemented, encouraging people to take an RFID chip (although I dont think he called them that if I remember correctly) for a small credit of money in an account, that you could then return to a normal society.
SO I want you to think about it.
True, it was fiction.
But I consider it an allergorical work.
He had the ability, and I truly believe the blessing and insight from the Holy Spirit, to predict things that are commonplace in our society only 20 years later. And things are quickly, quickly changing.
Think about it.
Who wants to carry a medical card, license, or National ID that contains every scrap of information on you when crime is so rampant and identities are stolen every day? Wouldn’t it be safer to simply get an implant and then no one can pretend to be you, steal your money, or identity, access your medical records, etc?
If you dont think you need something like that, try filing taxes, buying a house, taking out a loan for a car, or anything else without using your social security number. It is now becoming even commonplace to ask for that information when you go to the doctor. We are a society that has slowly become used to the restrictions we find around us, all in the name of safety. It is but a short leap to consider this option.
What do most Christians believe against an implant or mark (tattoo) that will be placed on the right hand or forehead, allowing us to buy and sell, or actually, to exist in society as a person? Well really, its very simple, and something that has been prophetically predicted for thousands of years.
Just like the increase in earthquakes, meteors, and signs in the sun, moon, and stars.
Just like that in those times the entire world will be focused on the Middle East, and specifically Israel (which by the way, was also prophetically foretold it would again become a nation and now it is despite horrendous persecution from Hitler and others trying to eradicate the Jewish people from the earth), and we will all be watching and crying “peace, peace, peace”.
Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? That area doesn’t exactly look like it is heading towards peace anytime soon, but seriously, when it does, it will be what we expect, because again, that was prophetically predicted. But of course, according to Biblical prophecy, not before the tiny nation of Israel is attacked by powerful enemies from the north, east and south. Russia, Iran, and a few others will form an alliance, and move to eradicate them from the earth once and for all.
And if that doesn’t make you sit up and take notice, considering that information is in our common news stories we hear each week, well, perhaps there is no hope you will begin to think about what I have to say.
Back to the chips, marking each American, and eventually the entire world.
 However, against this article I would like to state, the Bible is crystal clear that it will be a CHOICE, that leaves NO ROOM for question—you will be choosing for or against the Lord when you choose that implant, it will not be shrouded in questionable ethics, or wrapped in a healthcare program, whatever. There will be no question, you can not get duped into it, you will be fully aware and informed of the choice you are making. You choose to rely on the Lord alone, and stand against man and the Anti-Christ, or you accept that the Antichrist is your God and Savior and you accept the chip.
 Will that time come? Absolutely.
 The Bible has been accurate on every count, and even today we are seeing Biblical prophecy
 that ten years ago would have been sneered at.
Thanks for reading. I welcome your comments and simply ask you to be polite, and considerate. I am very open to healthy, strong conversations about this, but not to disparate and hateful comments. Those will simply not be published as I moderate everything.
Blessings to you and yours,
Ps–You can find these articles each Sunday under the search term Truth Demands a Choice, and I will be working on putting the others I mentioned  under the same label.
If you are a believer in Christ, I want to encourage you. Do not be afraid. Do not be discouraged. Don’t worry about what you will need to say  or do when that time comes. Just stand in your faith, and be willing, because like Paul, and the many other people we are familiar with, the words will be given to us when the time is right, and we need to rest in that.