At some point in the last 2 years I have come to the conclusion my life would be wayyyyy easier with a lot less STUFF.

I mean, STUFF controls my life. My desire for different kinds of STUFF can affect my paycheck. It can take up a ridiculous amount of time picking up not only my STUFF, but the STUFF of 3 other people in this house, finding a place for it, moving it from one place to another, managing what STUFF is needed for this time of year and needs to be put away for a different time of year.

You all know what I mean.

We have a STUFF epidemic here in our country.

And frankly, this mamma has had enough of the STUFF and declared war.

Just ask my kids.

I think I have lost count at this point of how many trips we have made to the locally supported thrift store, or filled our trash can and eagerly waited for the trash man to come so that we can fill it again with things that can not be re-purposed or shared with someone less fortunate. We are certainly not people to throw anything usable or re-purposeable out, but we are also people who are thankful we live in a state where things are very often recycled, and that means our conscience is a little lighter.

And with ALL THINGS that are life-changing for us, making a game of it, or making it a little more fun, is what helps us stick with it when we really DON’T want to give up…well…our STUFF…

make do

Since it is the time of year that many people are on the same trend, cleaning things out and figuring out what is best to keep or to pass on,ร‚ย  we decided to share just a piece of our journey of moving from one house to another, and then back again. Using this traditional saying,ร‚ย  here are some of the ways we have filled this fun (and once upon a time, life preserving) maxim out in our home.

Use it up:

Wow have we had some fun and creative meals this last few months as we live off of our food storage, and realize even we had a few gaps we did not anticipate. ๐Ÿ˜€ One of the things I have been most concerned about is moving all of our food storage back to the old house, because that will take some serious maneuvering. ๐Ÿ˜€ So every jar we have opened has been used up or added to new meals so that nothing goes to waste. ร‚ย Last week a jar of spaghetti sauce went into three meals. You all know how we do things, with no leftovers around here. so you can imagine.

We also are using up things we don’t want to have to move, such as toilet paper and things we have stored. Homemade jars of hand soap, and containers of master mixes we have made up so we can easily move the containers and nothing goes to waste.

Wear it out:

This was a great read I found while doing my research, and thought I would share it with you. ๐Ÿ˜€

Make it DO:

Honestly, a big part of all of this “revolution” in our home, is deciding not only can we make cool things out of the STUFF we already have…we certainly dont need NEW things when the STUFF we have works just fine. Now, take it from me, that is coming from the lady who doesnt own a sweatshirt less than 5 years old, but who thinks all the cute clothes out now for girls is just something we HAVE TO HAVE.ร‚ย  Changing that mindset, and not only that, explaining that mindset to the people who bring more STUFF into your life is pretty important. Having 3 beautiful girls, and a big house, we often have family or friends just go overboard with bringing their STUFF over to OUR house, and meaning it in a good way of blessing us. But what really happens is that we end up overloaded, stressed, and trying really hard to keep ahead of piles of things everywhere.

So having a pragmatic approach, explaining carefully to your children that things are just….things, and getting your mind wrapped around what a NEED is, and what a WANT is, is personally the biggest part of the challenge for me. Back 100 years ago people took this to heart because things came with a hefty price.

But in our time, our age, things come cheap, free, and abundant….which means it is easy to fall into that STUFF OWNING trap. I have had to carefully ask myself: “How many outfits do my children really NEED?” “Do we HAVE to get a ton of toys for Christmas, or would there be a better option for them?” Even household things…is it boredom with the way things are for why you want to replace something? Or is it really just fine, and you can spruce it up some to make it feel new??

Challenging questions, but ones I welcome. I want a cleaner, clearer, less STUFF LIFE, and that is going to mean there are some hard choices and questions I am going to have to ask myself to get there.

Or DO without!

Fortunately in today’s digital age, there honestly is a tutorial on how to do everything. Make it. Change it. Repurpose it. Replace it with something you already have. I mean, did you see the video a couple weeks ago on the WH Facebook page I showed about the amazing mamma who built her own house off of Youtube videos? If not, seriously, check it out. I wanna be her when I grow up.

But honestly, sometimes, you just gotta put the big people panties on and realize you cant have everything, most things are more wants than needs, and when you get that down in your head, all of a sudden that desire begins to dim for all the new awesome STUFF around you. I hope you are finding that too.

I pray your home is peaceful, clear, and free of STUFF this year.

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3

19 years