Its the very first day of a beautiful new year, and I love it.

Feels like when you open a fresh clean notebook for the first time, and stare at the lovely crisp pages just waiting to be filled with memories like a journal…or notes from conferences you attended.

I love how fresh and clean it looks ahead, knowing it will have new opportunities and new adventures.
We sort of limped through the last half of 2016. Split between states again as a family as we transition back to our beautiful old MN home…it took a lot of energy and grace with each other to get through to this new year.
And now, as we look over the year ahead with all its promise and beauty, we set some simple goals that we wanted to share with you, as faithful, dear friends who have read our simple posts about our family and journey over the past years of our adventures in homesteading and life.

First, we want to tell you that you will be seeing more of us. Many of the stressors that caused our energy to be focused on this side of the screen, and Heather unable to write regularly, have now passed like a scrap of old paper thrown into the fire. We now know that we can commit to writing regularly and sharing with you all our fun new adventures, and the many that stacked up in the drafts as we had snippets of time to share.

Second, we want to tell you that we will be releasing more Ebooks this year on canning, and homesteading secrets….ones that have been in the works. To this day, our book The Master Mix Way is still very popular, still being given as gifts from moms to their daughters, and shared on FB sites and pages as the GO TO book for learning to cook/bake from scratch and shave tons of money off your grocery bill. If you haven’t purchased one yet, we would encourage you to grab it by clicking here…and be sure to put your review up on that tab as well!

the-master-mix-way EBOOK

Last of all, we want you to know we are working hard on actively inviting some awesome guest writers with similar blogs or pages to come and join our community here, sharing their wisdom with the faithful readers of the Welcoming House Blog. I am very much looking forward to having them here, and sitting at their feet just like you. I pray this beautiful new year is yours for the taking. That you choose grace, and life, and speaking hope into the lives of others. I pray you would take the time to pour a little of whatever you are good at, or can share, into the lives of someone around you who would be blessed by it. What a much better world we would have if everyone chose that route.

And may the grace of God, and the power of faith in Him, bless your life and your journey ahead this year.
Many Blessings to you and yours.
~Heather (and the WH family)

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