Ah, a new home.

Always a blessing, always full of promise and new beginnings. New colors, new traditions, new location…..but full of items and people that are the dearest in the world to us.

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Well, my dear readers, welcome to our new home. More space, lots more organization, and tons of ways to read more of your favorite posts, comment, share, and invite your friends to enjoy the same things you do.

The old House was just getting too cluttered, too hard to find things, boxes had been hiding in the basement for too long and we were replacing kitchen utensils by the dozen…and along came a dear friend and her fantastic hubby, who own and operate an amazing web design/tech support business to not only help me reach the ideas I had for the Welcoming House, but to build it for the growth we know is totally possible for where we are heading in the future.

That magic team is comprised of Jesse and Erica, over at 3S designs. I have heard a rumor there is third partner, and I am sure they will introduce that person in the future, but right now I worked with this dynamic duo to reach an amazing goal, and you are viewing it right now.

Last month, the old Welcoming House hovered right around 30,000 reads. You read that right. 30 THOUSAND reads. I am mind boggled at the thought, especially when trying to wrap my mind around how much that would fill a football stadium, all reading my little posts and love notes to all of you. Wow. All I can say to that is, WELCOME and who knew we would be here less than two years since the beginning of the Welcoming House?

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Let me quickly walk through the way this awesome new home works.

Not only do you have the tabs at the top (think like a cookbook —-smart move in design, huh?), but if you look to your right at the top of the page under the share buttons, you will see a small box that is titled “categories”.  Click on it. You will see suddenly how this blog can go from 8 categories, to each category with subcategories under it. Looking for pressure canning recipes? Click the cook category and see what comes up. Its in there. Or what about DIY and Handy Hubby? Yep, its in there. Easiest way to find what you are looking for in a much shorter time! Yay!

My second favorite part of this new home is the tab titled SHOP up at the top right hand side. Want to find some AWESOME home based businesses that are trying to support their families, adoptions, or make a little money to ease things up? We have two pages to choose from right now, with a ton of others in the works as we head into the holiday season. Do you own a business and might be interested in partnering with us? Check out the advertising page, and learn more!

Want to join the Welcoming House Facebook Page but don’t want to search for it? Check out the super easy new space on the right side that allows you to become a Facebook Friend without even leaving this page!

And really guys, there are so many wonderful, amazing things we have not even touched on. We have room for videos, and teaching tutorials on anything I do around here. Space for more partners and businesses to join us. The ability to link to multiple blogs at a time or host huge linky parties for all the amazing blogs I know some of my readers host on their own time.

I could just go on and on.

I am incredibly thankful for my design team, and the many amazing businesses that have partnered with us to get this wonderful new House off the ground!

Come on in, kick off your shoes, grab a cup of coffee and join us. I bet you can’t read just one post.

And we love that……….

Blessings to you and yours,


Ps—in celebration of this awesome new step for the House, we are giving away two copies of the Growing Your Own Medicine E-book . To be entered into the drawing, which will end at midnight on November 13th, just leave a comment below. Extra entry for those awesome folks who want to share. 🙂 Just make sure to tell me in the comments! Oh, and have you signed up yet for our updates straight to your inbox? if you signed up on the old House, we no longer have that service, so you gotta do it again. Sorry, we tried. But we know you love us, and we are thankful for YOU!