Welcome to our Fifth 
LINK UP PARTY of 2013!
 I cant tell you how excited I am to have this link up every Wednesday, and see what you have been doing and sharing over on your blog!
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This week we had a small but mighty crowd, including post links from some fabulous bloggers! I was blessed by reading them and plan on sharing them each week throughout the week.
I was very interested by the post written by Justyn over at Creative Christian Mama:
Why I Dont Lower Fevers
In my years now of studying herbal healing and using herbs for medicine, I have learned an awful lot more about the human body and it’s natural responses in illness and in health. I have also learned a lot more about the common hysteria we have as a culture when sickness comes, and interferes with our busy lives, work schedules, etc. We need to begin to learn to go back to understanding how our bodies work and why they do what they do…..and Justyn’s post is a great place to begin! So please, head on over and check it out! Congratulations!
please feel free to add our Welcoming House button on these posts, and the statement that you were featured by us. I will have my Featured Blog button up and running in a couple weeks, and will be sure to contact you with that. You will also be entered in my Featured Blogs Contest that will continue throughout the year, where all the blogs will be entered for a large prize, to be announced in November.
 There were SO MANY good, encouraging, and meat-for-the-heart posts in last wee’s link up, that I would encourage you to head over and read them! Visit the blogs that are linking up and encourage them to keep writing! There are a lot of good folks out there who are linking up, and sharing ideas, and we can really support one another! 🙂 Click here for the link to last week’s Linky Party… 
Would you please read the following and link up your posts? 
Each blog is allowed to enter two posts that fit in these categories.
 Entering your link is super easy, just click on the widget, and enter your URL link and thumbnail picture. It may take a little while to appear, but it will, just check back in a little bit! Please remember I moderate things, so it may take a little bit if you leave a comment as well! 🙂
 The Welcoming Wednesday Link Party is open to anyone who is sharing posts from their blog in the following categories:
DIY: what crazy creations are you concocting over on your homepage this week?
 Faith-based: Do you have a word of encouragement, life lesson, or heart speak to share with readers? ( please note, this is a Christan faith based blog, and this is the genre I am looking for..)
 Family-based: growing and raising a family is important stuff, and we want you to share your latest! Crafts, fun ideas, recipes, crazy pics? We want to see them all!
Herbs: Are you growing them? using them? Learning about them? Share with us!
 Gardening: if you love the dirt, then this link up is for you!
Frugal ideas: We can ALL use more ideas on how to save money, time, and to reuse, recycle, upcycle, or retrain our brains to put more money in our pockets!
 Canning or preserving: Got a recipe? Want to crow about your latest accomplishment? Dare to share your failures? We are right here waiting for it!
 Homesteading: We want to live vicariously through your efforts, so please give us updates on your homestead and all its accomplishments:
 Preparedness: I am a firm believer in being prepared as much as you can be and not relying on someone to swoop in and save you, so posts dealing with this are welcome!
 Please no giveaways or affiliate links without prior permission. 
 Our rules are super simple: PG rated.
 Nothing vulgar or crass will be tolerated.
 In fact, a single verse comes to mind when I am looking for the heart of posts to be shared on this link up: “Finally brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable–if anything is excellent or praiseworthy, think about such things!” (Philippians 4:8) 
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 Many blessings to you and yours,