I have been thinking about writing this post for quite a while, but as you can see by the title of this post, its been challenging.

I used to be braver, I think, but as the world changes so rapidly around me I have pulled more into myself and my family. That is certainly not a bad thing, but having a balance between a calling and a mission is something you should always keep track of.

Honestly, I have had a hard time lately deciding what to say.

You may have noticed this in the last year as I would have gaps of literally months between posts.

A lot of you messaged me or found me over on FB to make sure I was fine, the girls were fine, etc.

But with so many things swirling around in my head, and my personal life on this side of the screen going bonkers, it was hard to decide where to even start. And then….it was easier not to start.

Again, forgive me.

This blog is, and has been, a calling. A place where many can gather together and leave encouraged. Where we can share a little bit of what is happening in our lives, where drama is unacceptable (unless it comes from small kids), where the food is good and solid, and where the simple things of life are common and part of the conversation.

As it seems things grow darker out there, I pray the Welcoming House will always be that lamp in the window shining out, drawing you home. I pray that as you browse, you will soak in new ideas, new recipes, comment a little here and there, and know when I see it, I pray for you.

Know when I am silent for a time it is because my first calling, my family, needs me more for a time, but that I will be back. I know you understand because you have those same challenges in your life too.

And we ALL know I have tons of opinions on many different things, just perhaps am learning wisdom does not ALWAYS lead me down that path at times anymore. 😀

May the year ahead be filled with many more times you and I can sit down together and share what is on our hearts. May there be many more pictures of a growing, slightly-crazier-than-normal family with all our fun ideas and adventures. May you, on the other side of the screen be happy to see our little world pop up in your inbox, and you grab your cup of coffee to join us.

May you always know that a simple message will get prayed for, and my Littles will be folding their hands right along with me as we lift you and yours up.

I am looking forward to the future.

And sometimes, that is enough to say. 😀

Blessings to you and yours

~Heather <3