Hello old friends.

I know I have been silent for some time, and many of you who follow me over on our Facebook page know much of that has been because of personal illness and physical challenges that have rocked my world since October 2017.

For a time, I had to set aside my passion for sharing our life with you, and just exist.

In March of 2018, just over one year ago, we finally received an official diagnosis on the disorder that almost took my life in January, and kept my homebound since October of the previous year. And you will be hearing more of that, because, as always, dear reader, whatever God brings my way, I will share with you, and be real with you, and hopefully encourage you through it.

But…let’s talk about The Welcoming House.

Basically….I am back.

I don’t know how often I will be posting.

I don’t know what those posts will look like, whether it will be recipes, or Littles (who aren’t so little anymore, ha!), or crocheting, or natural alternatives, or whatever…but my heart has been convicted that it is time for me to start again… and that through that little step of faith, great things will come. 😀


How have you been?

Its the first of April, and for here on the prairies of MN…the weather, while cold today, has started to show signs of Spring, and the whisper of summer.

I have been doing a lot of canning to get our pantry built back up, with plenty of resting inbetween. Will be sharing a lot more of those recipes over the next few days  and months ahead as we move into harvesting our spring and summer produce.

Blessings to you and yours,