Good morning everyone!


For a light hearted change from the last couple posts, I am going to woo you with adorable pictures of kittens, and baby bunnies.
Prepare for cuteness.
This is Spring on The Welcoming House Homestead.
Blessings to you and yours,
***********Mamma Bunny (Nutmeg) and her adorable kits********
its amazing how much fur she stuffed that nest box with and still ended up with room for babies.
May2013 041
one of the Creme babies………so pretty.
The little baby that we call Springs because of his jumping ability.
*************Mamma Cat (Captive) and her babies*****************
Mamma is happy as long as she has her babies with her.
This is the littlest kitten, the one we call Sunshine…
The pile….I love the one in the middle.
This is Stripe–the kitten with a mohawk and attitude to match.
Rascal, the black and white kitten, and Tabs, the little stripey in back are a hoot to watch.
Close up of Tabs.
Close up of Rascal, who is so ugly he is cute. 🙂
This was the only one that turned out of us holding them, again this is Tabs.