So many have asked over on the Facebook page how my oldest daughter is doing because they know we are back in the game, starting to blog again, running our Young Living classes again, and just finally back at home.

She is doing SO well now…it is a blessing to my heart. Seeing her up and around, happy and smiling, far far away from any hospital and walking without thinking about it….well, it just reminds me that it does not take much to make life smooth out again and the bad days to slowly fade away like chalk drawings in the rain. Leaving little memory of the hard times, just the lessons they taught.


We had a few hiccups after the original surgery. Ones that showed me that while modern medicine in so many ways is amazing, it is also flawed. And sometimes a mom or dad knows best and should follow their instincts. I will be blogging more on that tomorrow for Wellness Wednesday because I want to tell you that whole story and equip you to do the same thing if you ever have a similar issue. Let me just say, our bodies are amazingly created, and the world around us has so many things that were created to help us if we are just willing to open our eyes and deprogram ourselves that we are incapable of helping ourselves in a more serious medical situation. The story I have to tell you, with pictures, is amazing and encouraging, and shows how sometimes we need to just step out in faith and do what we feel is right.

Today let me tell you what is happening here around the Welcoming House homestead. I have two rabbits ready to pop at any day, bringing us our very first litters of baby rabbits for the season. We always look forward to that as new animals on the homestead in spring is always a miracle you are in awe over.


The snow has melted and when we raked the yard, my very first plantain leaves are beginning to poke through the ground, telling us the earth is waking up for a glorious Spring. After a harsh, terribly long winter, those little green leaves brought joy and delight to all five of us. We are ready for gardening season to begin, and the fruit trees to bloom, for our animals to start showing off their parenting skills, and the tractors to be in the fields planting….

We have so many plans this year, adding a full herb garden to the front yard, adding another six beds to the garden over at the other house, planting more fruit trees, and blackberry bushes, adding to our rabbitry, and possibly delving into aquaponics or building a small greenhouse. We are thankful for the growing and improving health of our oldest daughter after a terribly scary season, and thankful that we feel more and more equipped to deal with issues as they come up in an area with poor medical care.

We continue to have a heart for sharing and teaching, and blogging so that you too can access this information for your own homes and families. It has been an amazing three years here on the Welcoming House Blog, and when I look back, or talk to readers who have been with us through that journey, I love hearing how much they themselves have changed through the process.

It is a beautiful thing to walk through these life changes with you.  If you are just getting started, please, find the search button and look up what you are interested in. We have covered a lot of ground…..gardening, food storage, recipes, alternative heat, raising rabbits, master mixes, cooking from scratch, life lessons, encouragement, natural medicine……and all those things are on here. I really strongly believe the time is coming that those skills are things people are going to need to know, need to understand, need to have information on if they have not started doing anything yet.

And I want to thank you for your encouragement, support, and strength during our time of having to step away and knit together as a family as we walked through some really tough stuff. It was hard, and painful, but it made our faith stronger, and our experience stronger in dealing with challenging situations even when you “feel” helpless.

Looking forward to getting back into sharing with you…

Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3