Yep. I did it. Just what the title says.

I actually managed to lock myself out of my own blog for a full week, before humbly crawling to my tech team, who were on vacation up north no less, and ask for help. Even that didn’t help for a couple days as I struggled with getting the new password.

Seriously, OY, what a month. I know I will be able to laugh at myself later, but instead I just have to roll my eyes and not look in the mirror for a while. 🙂

April has already been a crazy month for our family with another hospital trip, lots of fun and crazy homesteader type things, such as running out of firewood due to (another) cold snap….waiting expectantly for the first (non-grass) green things to show up in our gardens, and praying for Spring to finally arrive.

I went from sweaters to bare feet and back again, all in three days time, and that cartoon floating around social media about “If I knew Spring was only going to last three days I would have made more of an effort to enjoy it.” makes me cry and not laugh. I can hope, right?

its Spring, right1

We greatly enjoyed our Easter yesterday with  gorgeous 70* day that was mostly spent outside. I got my first sunburn of the season, and my second chance at running barefoot. My youngest daughters were content with sort-of-matching dresses for Easter Sunday. My oldest daughter was thrilled to try her bike riding abilities one more time without having snow on the ground. The Handy Hubby worked on his archery skills to the awe of his kids who want to call him Robin Hood and be his “merry men” (they don’t get it yet, give them some slack).


Life is just slowly getting back to normal and with that comes the contemplation of how we are changing and how much I want to keep things going here on the Welcoming House Blog. My time grows more condensed to write as I am now teaching three beautiful girls school, and still juggling lessons, homesteading, rabbits, my business, and life. I have come to the conclusion that there are some other voices you have heard over the years that I would love to see more regularly on here, and others I hear in my life that I would like to give a platform to. So while you will still be hearing me frequently you will see more regular guest posting from a chosen few that I think can really encourage you in all areas of life……..seeking self sufficiency, recipes, family moments, encouragement, food storage. I am hoping with adding a few more folks regularly it will allow me to balance things a little more, finish up a couple books that I simply can not pick up right now with my current responsibilities, and watch this blog continue to take off with meeting the needs of people. Have patience as we go through growing pains, and please, let me know what you like and don’t like so we know where to head. Suggestions of topics would be awesome. Be sure to comment.

Either way, the Welcoming House Blog is continuing to grow and change, and we are blessed to have so many awesome readers. Hopefully I will not lock myself out of the blog again for a good long time, and you will find more and more that interests you  in the following months to share and invite friends over to read.

The Handy Hubby has been making homemade sausage the last couple weeks and would like me to blog about it. SO look forward to a couple great recipes and even a short video or two about his process. And I can say honestly, it is the best sausage he has ever made……and you will want to try it. Come back tomorrow for a Tasty Tuesday you won’t want to miss!

Blessings to you and yours,