I have heard it said a picture is worth a thousand words.

I hope that is true because that is my hand this morning and while I am good at writing I am also predominately right handed.

You see my problem, I hope!

This , my friends, is why anyone with any sense who cans and uses glass jars should always use bottle brushes. Because sooner or later that edge is going to get a crack you cant see, and you too will sport a gorgeous urgent care ensemble like me when you really cant afford to on a very busy morning.

Underneath that bandage is one heck of a cut that bled for over 45 minutes and has so little skin left to suture they could not and did not use stitches. And yes, it hurts like the dickens. What is worse is that, of all people, I should know better.

Why, You Say?

Because it is right across the other scar from the same thing happening 12 years ago. So, please, don’t be a “canning fool”. Use anything but your hand to wash those jars, even if you have cute dainty hands that fit inside jars and you’re in a hurry,

Otherwise you will be joining me in unhappy-to-be-in-Klutzville again and sharing your own war wounds from silly impulses.

Blessings to you and yours,

PicMonkey Collage