Its here.

April 1st.

and WW3.

No kidding. You see, in our house, an ongoing war rages every year on this day between this innocent face….


and this innocent (enough) face.

not so innocent face

Two years ago an enthusiastic 13 year old who had just heard of April Fools’ Day pulled a fabulous trick on her father….and started world war three. Or more appropriately, The Welcoming House Eternal War That Never Ever Ends on April Fools’ Day.


Can you feel the eye roll or hear the heavy sigh? Both are pretty epic.

Unfortunately, both of them have all the power of the internet at their fingertips, and have been devilishly, fiendishly creating the perfect pranks for the other one for a few weeks now. Both have discussed their prank ideas with me, of course causing me to simply sigh, roll my eyes, and longingly ponder vacation getaways scheduled on….you guessed it, the morning of April 1st.

And do you know what started it?

Switching the sugar with the salt.


So forgive me if you don’t see much of  me on April 1st.

I am probably having a serious talk with one whilst holding the other at bay from killing them.

If not that, I am hiding somewhere, checking my coffee cup over and over, tasting the salt, refusing to turn on the sink without checking for a rubber band around the sprayer, absolutely NEVER taking a drink of or eating anything offered to me, hiding my keys, moving my pillow before I lay down at night, checking the toilet seat before I sit down, finding where I hid my shampoo/toothpaste/soap/glasses/various-toiletry-items just in case someone thinks what is mine might belong to the other person. And that is just a little, itty bitty bit of what I REALLY am doing on this day while trying to keep some sense of normalcy going from the insanity that is my oldest daughter and husband on this day.

You see, I am the one who gets caught in the cross fire.

Worst part?

The twins want in on it too.


Blessings to you and yours,

~Heather <3