I can see it now. You read the title, and immediately  dark and forbidden things flit across your mind. Things like….

Of COURSE you want to eat all the chocolate chips you have managed sneakily to have stashed deep in the freezer to avoid the kids’ (and Handy Hubby’s) ravaging moments.

Of COURSE you want to drink straight from the milk jug even if it is going to get someone else sick or gross them out.

Of COURSE you want to drink a whole pot of coffee by yourself and not share ANY of the Peppermint Mocha Creamer with anyone else.

Of COURSE you want to (and probably will) open all your presents and carefully rewrap them, without anyone ever knowing and fake the surprise on Christmas Morning!

Of COURSE you want to head over and join in one of the most AMAZING VIRTUAL CRAFT FAIRS that Heather has ever sent you on. AS in EVER…………



Yep folks, today is the day. The start of one week of absolute amazing-ness where I get to send you over somewhere that allows YOU to register to win not one, not two, but too-many-prizes-to-count! And each one of them is from a special home-based vendor! From jewelry to scarves, to ornaments and special gifts, this is one virtual craft fair you DON’T WANT TO MISS!

Here is an eyeful of the cuteness that the Welcoming House Etsy Store is putting out there for a door prize!

20131201_194422 (1)


which means you can support someone online today and help a family make it a little bit better Christmas, or even pay a light bill, or put gas in their car!

Here is the link for the Flip Book that allows you to look through some of the gorgeous gifts and store choices that you will have to choose from, and enter their giveaways!

My friend Regina from At the Lake Blog is hosting all of this, and I can not tell you how hard she has worked to put all of this together!

So please, rejoice in a simple and fun opportunity, check out the awesome team she has pulled together, browse through their stores, and pick a couple items to finish up that shopping! Support a home-based business!


And then come back tomorrow for a very very VERY special Welcoming House HomeSpun Christmas Post!!!!

Blessings to you and yours,


PS: For all of you totally awesome peeps who entered into the Set of Minion Hats giveaway by Stitchin through the Ages, You need to congratulate Jan Canfield for winning the prize!!!! And head on over to Kim’s shop to order a couple minion hats of your very own if you did not win, because these are totally beyond adorable.

Just to leave you with more minion cuteness that you can barely stand: